Why Sell With Us?



We dare to be different!


Selling your home should be a smooth process, without risk and the highest possible return. The greatest problem facing sellers is lack of information. Selling your home can be an exercise in frustration and disappointment.  It can cost you thousands of dollars, however, it should not be this way. Since commencing our unique business in 2002, numerous sellers and buyers have experienced the refreshing difference made by the Mansor Real Estate and have experienced how we achieve results.


Here is a quick overview of how we make your selling experience the best ever.

  • No Upfront Costs
    When you sell with Mansor Real Estate this service means exactly that – no upfront and zero advertising costs.  We aim to make your sale easy.

  • Modern Marketing (which means costs involved)
    Mansor Real Estate can offer a modern marketing plan.  Giving you maximum exposure with the usual styling, professional photos and permanent boards at the property.

The Truth about an Open House.

There are several truths about open houses you need to know. 

  • Open houses are a lead generating activity and nothing more for lazy agents.

  • They are restrictive.  Having flexible viewing times can ensure you don’t miss a sale because the buyer could not make the open. 

  • Buyers feel rushed and not relaxed to absorb all a home has to offer.  The agent cannot present all the property or know what main features appeal to the buyer.

  • Buyers are not validated by the agent and this could impact the offer you could receive. 

  • Too many people in your house at once can make it seem small and potential buyers may be put off by other’s comments.

  • Open houses attract “sight seeing neighbours” and other “sellers” comparing their home to yours.

You don’t need an open house to sell your home. You need a sales team that will find the right buyer with great negotiation skills to achieve the highest offer.


Price or No Price?

Research proves 99% of buyers prefer a true asking price.  We don’t insist on using flawed ‘no price’ marketing strategies such as By Negotiation, Offers Over,  Expressions of Interest or Make an Offer.  We tailor to your wishes!  Mansor Real Estate is experienced and trained to provide you with an accurate market value of your home and a pricing strategy which guarantees you the best buyer and the highest price.


Your Reason for Selling is Kept Confidential.

Be sure the reason you’re selling your home is kept confidential.  If buyers know you have a pressing reason for selling this could be used against you.

Such marketing headlines as ‘Bought elsewhere’, ‘Divorce forces sale’, ‘Mortgage Stress’, ‘Urgent sale’, ‘Express sale’ all create a picture of desperation which could result in lower offers.  This could cost you thousands.


The Silent Bid Gets A Higher Price.

The essence of a silent bid is to keep all offers confidential.  Each buyer has an opportunity to put forward their best offer. In a silent bid, if the price and conditions fail to meet the seller’s expectations, there is no public disclosure as a result. 


Dangers of The Public Auction System.

  • The Failed Auction Stigma. When an auction fails it means the bidding price did not reach the sellers minimum sale price. This low price becomes the benchmark for other buyers. Buyers will focus on this low price and even worst, they might question what’s wrong with the property? 

  • Upfront Costs. An auction can cost between $4,000 and $12,000. This is a serious amount to lose if your property doesn’t sell.

  • A Low Reserve Price.  Agents are taught to use high pressure techniques to get the reserve price as low as possible.  This means the property can be sold without the seller having any say in the final sale price.

  • Stressful. Buying and selling a home can be stressful enough without going through an auction. That’s why most sellers and buyers avoid auctions at all costs.

  • Ready Buyers are Limited.  How many buyers have a pre-approved loan or cash that enables them to bid safely at an auction?  The answer is very few!

  • Agents Can’t Lose.  Whether your home sells or not the agent gets free ‘profile advertising’ for which you have paid. 


At Mansor Real Estate we don’t auction homes or use complicated tricks to sell a property.  Remember, if you sell with us, you sell safe.  We can offer you an up front NO SALE, NO CHARGE service with ZERO advertising costs.